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Other Advisory Services

Other advisory services on behalf of microfinance institutions, commercial banks or investors range from feasibility studies over impact assessments, to institutional assessments and capacity building.  

In addition to the establishment and management of banks and the downscaling and upgrading of financial institutions, LFS also provides advisory services that do not fall in one of these categories. LFS draws upon the experience in the establishment and management of AccessBanks to offer a broad range of specific services, customized to the clients’ needs.

Examples include:

  • Feasibility studies: LFS conducts comprehensive research to identify potential projects and to determine their feasibility. Feasibility studies for Greenfield microfinance banks, downscaling or upgrading projects always include an in-depth assessment of the financial sector. This includes a thorough assessment of the demand and supply of financial services. Also, it includes the assessment of the relevant legal and regulatory framework for the assignment.
  • Due diligences: Due diligence of client institutions is a standard element in upgrading and downscaling projects of LFS. Due diligence includes a thorough financial analysis, operational review and analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the institution. LFS offers due diligence analysis as a stand alone service, or in combination with other services, depending on the clients' needs. 
  • Impact Assessments: Based on the vast project experience, LFS is in a good position to evaluate external projects and to assess their impact. This includes the review of the objectives of the project and comparison of these objectives with the results achieved. 

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