Our Work

Advisory Services

LFS has accumulated significant expertise in the upgrading and downscaling of financial institutions as well as in other advisory services in this field.

  • In Upgrading projects, LFS consults and assists microfinance institutions in professionalizing their processes and operations. This may be the transformation of a non-regulated microfinance institution into a regulated entity. It can also mean the improvement of risk management or the development and introduction of new products and services.
  • In Downscaling projects, LFS assists commercial banks in developing or expanding their lending activities to micro, small and medium entreprises.  This is achieved either by adding another product line or – ideally - by creating a separate business unit. 
  • Other advisory services on behalf of microfinance institutions, commercial banks or investors range from feasibility studies and impact assessments, to institutional assessments and capacity building.  

In our projects we offer a broad range of services, depending on the clients' needs. This includes research, business planning, product development and implementation, human resources and the management of banks or financial institutions. 

  • The advantage of LFS

    Through the establishment and management of AccessHolding network banks, LFS has accumulated significant experience and know how in all areas of a commercial MSME bank. Moreover, LFS has developed a full spectrum of tested tools, systems and procedures for establishing and managing the daily business of MSME banks. Also, it counts on a large number of experienced staff, that have been trained in one of the AccessHolding network banks.
    In its Advisory Services projects, LFS makes use of this experience and know how. Clients therefore benefit from hands-on experience in best-practice MSME finance.  

  • Core element of LFS advisory service projects

    LFS aims at fully integrating the partner institution into the advisory process. LFS therefore closely collaborates with the partner institution’s management and team. In a project task group, relevant departments of the partner institution work together with LFS consultants. LFS offers its expertise and knowledge. The group itself, however, takes on a substantial role in developing the improvements and changes intended by the advisory project. This ensures the partner institution’s full intellectual ownership and backing of the results.