Our Work


LFS, as the Technical Partner of AccessHolding, is responsible for establishing new AccessBanks and managing the existing institutions. These are known as our greenfielding projects.

The role of LFS

The role of LFS in the establishment and management of AccessHolding banks is comprehensive: it starts with the pre-establishment process and continues with the management of the bank and all its activities.
The pre-establishment process includes market and legal research, project design, business planning, forecasting, and the mobilisation of financial and human resources.
Once the bank is operational, LFS is responsible for the implementation of the business plan. This includes the overseeing of the day-to-day activities of the bank and the recruitment and training of staff. Equally important are the gradual diversification of its product range and the roll out of its operations to an increasing network of branches across the target country. Finally, an important part is the built-up of local management capacities and the phasing-out of consultants and managers provided by LFS.

The advantage of LFS

Creating a new bank is a complex and time-consuming process. It requires a broad array of skills and resources over the lifespan of the project. LFS has ample experience in this field. It has therefore built up a full spectrum of tested tools, systems and procedures that help to accelerate this process and economise on staff input. LFS can also count on a large number of experienced bank managers, consultants and IT specialists, who can be mobilised at short notice.

Currently, the AccessBank network comprises the following banks: 


AccessBank                                     Country Year of AccessHolding investment
AccessBank (ABA) Azerbaijan 2006
AccésBanque Madagascar (ABM) Madagascar 2006
AccessBank Tanzania (ABT) Tanzania 2007
AB Microfinance Bank Nigeria (ABN) Nigeria 2008
AccessBank Liberia (ABL) Liberia 2008
AccessBank Tajikistan (ABTJ) Tajikistan 2010
AB Bank Zambia (ABZ) Zambia 2011











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