Distinctive Features

Distinctive Features of LFS

In many aspects, LFS’ business model is fundamentally different from other consulting firms in our market segment. Distinctive features of LFS include: 

  • Specialization

    Our long-standing specialisation on micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) finance has enabled us to accumulate substantial in-house expertise in this field. Continual market research and the exchange of cross-project experience ensure that our centres of competency are always up to date in terms of product and process innovations.

  • Consultant, Manager and Investor

    Besides providing advisory services for microfinance institutions or commercial banks, LFS establishes commercial MSME finance banks from scratch and manages them. Through the foundation and management of Access Microfinance Holding AG (AccessHolding), an investment company, LFS is investing in these AccessHolding network banks. LFS is therefore a consultant, manager and investor in the MSME finance industry.

  • Concept Orientation

    LFS does not provide isolated experts or resources, but designs project and programme concepts in accordance with the client’s needs. Within our area of specialisation, we are able to provide integrated service packages. These full-service packages combine a range of inputs including management, advisory, training and IT services. 

  • Working with own staff

    In contrast to other firms in this field, LFS works primarily with permanent staff. We are convinced that successful implementation of long-term advisory and management projects requires not only individual qualifications. In addition, strong team play and a high degree of consistency in the working methodology are highly important. In our experience, this can only be warranted if all team members are familiar with and committed to the way the firm works and thinks. 

    We have therefore developed a training programme for new staff in one or more of our long-term projects. Through this, new staff gets familiarized with our corporate philosophy, methodologies and tools. This enables us to maintain projects of a consistently high quality and to develop a strong organisational memory.

  • Responsibility

    LFS assumes responsibility not only for the timely implementation of the agreed work plan, but also for the results of a project. Most of our service contracts include a variable fee component based on a set of quantitative and qualitative performance indicators. In greenfielding projects, LFS has also regularly participated in the financial risk by co-investing directly or indirectly in the newly created institution.

  • Distinguished Track Record

    LFS has built a distinguished track record for providing high-quality services and delivering impeccable project results even in difficult operating environments. LFS has evolved into a leading provider of integrated service solutions for greenfielding, downscaling, upgrading, and other advisory service projects.

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