Client Protection

LFS has issued a Focus Note on Client Protection.


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Working at LFS

Staff is without doubt the most critical ingredient in the success recipe for a good consulting firm. This is especially true in the challenging country environments in which LFS works. This puts exceptionally high requirements on our consultants’ resilience, assertiveness and expertise.

In contrast to other firms in this field, LFS works primarily with permanent staff. We are convinced that successful implementation of long-term advisory and management projects requires not only individual qualifications. Equally important are strong team play and a high degree of consistency in the working methodology. In our experience, this can only be warranted if all team members are familiar with and committed to the way the firm works and thinks.

New joiners at LFS are thus comprehensively prepared through an introductory training in one of our AccessHolding network banks before assuming management positions in our banks or working in an advisory project. Through this, new staff is familiarized with our corporate philosophy, methodologies and tools.

Moreover, the LFS Competency Centre, a strong internal knowledge management platform, helps to disseminate best practices and exchange of information across projects.
This enables us to maintain projects of a consistently high quality and to develop a strong organisational memory.

In addition the Berlin based LFS IT department with its activities in system development, software testing, and IT operational advisory is responsible for the design of the overall system architecture. Furthermore, it is responsible for the development and maintenance of the banking software and the related IT infrastructure and procedures to be operated in the countries in scope.