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LFS has issued a Focus Note on Client Protection.


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Competency Centre

The LFS Competency Centre supports AccessHolding network banks and LFS advisory projects in key areas: Human Resouce Management and Learning & Development, Retail Finance and Credit Operations. The Competency Centre assists the banks in the development of products, policies and procedures and in the training of staff.

The LFS Competency Centre in our Berlin headquarters is the central product development, information and service hub for LFS’ advisory projects and AccessHolding network banks. The Competency Centre provides expert advice in key areas, develops procedures and instruments, and assists in their implementation. Each of the following areas is staffed with product managers, who have the responsibility for their area across the network of Access Banks.

  • Retail Finance/ Banking Operations: The Competency Centre supports the AccessHolding network banks and advisory projects in various areas of retail finance: in deposit products, credit and debit cards, international and national payment systems, sales training and trade finance solutions. The support includes the design of products and conditions, the development of procedures, and the selection and training of staff.
  • Credit Operations: AccessHolding network banks as well as client banks and MFIs receive support in the design and implementation of all their credit products: micro and SME loans, low income housing loans, mortgage loans, consumer finance, and agricultural and rural loans. The support includes development of generic policies and procedures, manuals and tools, and the training of credit staff.
  • Human Resources Management and Learning & Development: the Competency Centre supports and advises banks on designing and implementing efficient HR/L&D systems. A particular focus lies in the identification and coaching of local middle management. Also, cross-bank coaching and learning & development within the AccessHolding bank network is an important task.

The Competency Centre is also leading the software development process of the IT Department of LFS.