AccessGroup KPIs at end Q4/2017
Total assets
EUR 453m
Gross loan portfolio
EUR 333m
No. of active borrowers
Total deposits
EUR 134m
No. of deposit accounts
No. of staff
No. of branches



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Our Clients - Individual Success Stories


Henry Wellington, Producer of Cement Blocks


Henry Wellington, 34 years old, started the production of cement 12 years ago after his grand-father had passed on to him the experience and passion for this profession. The income generated from the business allowed him to finance his studies in Accounting at the University of Liberia. However, Mr. Wellington could hardly meet the demand of his growing customers on time because of his financial constraints that limited the purchase of required cement. As a consequence he was often forced to ask customers to pay in advance before delivering the full order. This in turn limited the number of potential clients.
Through a first loan of USD 800 from AccessBank Liberia, Mr. Wellington was able to pre-finance his purchases which helped him to increase his sales. Due to his increasing income after the first loan and an excellent repayment behavior he received a repeat loan of USD 1,400 for a longer maturity. This enabled him to buy more shovels and wheelbarrows for his workforce which increased from 10 to 35. He recently opened a third production point in Sinkor, Monrovia, and is able to purchase higher quantities of cement at a lower price. Mr. Wellington has also started to produce blocks of different designs to meet the increasing competition by a wider choice of products and better quality. AccessBank Liberia, says Mr. Wellington, has helped me to grow my business and gave me the confidence to think bigger.


Agnes Jacob Mollel, pig and mushroom farmer

Agnes Jacob Mollel is a hard-working business woman growing mushrooms and raising pigs in her premises in Mbesi beach, a residential area with emerging small business activity around 15 km outside Dar es Salaam. A 56-year old widow of Masai origin with two children living abroad, Agnes has just received her second loan from Access Bank’s Kijtonyama branch, which has excellent transport links to the northern periphery of Dar es Salaam. Both loans amounted to TZS 1.6 million (around 900 €) each; the first was used to construct more shades for her pigs, whereas the second serves to purchase a larger number of pigs and add more shelves for her mushrooms, which Agnes sells to supermarkets and a number of individual customers.


Ilhalma Aliyeva, carpet maker

In the Northern Azerbaijan town of Shabran, Ilhalma Alyeva works with seven other women from her community to make carpets in the traditional “Shirvan” style. It takes three to four women two months to produce the high quality carpet. While this high level of labor ensures an excellent quality, it also means that an expensive product is being made. Finding buyers can take some time, leaving Ms. Aliyeva with little income she needs to purchase the materials for her next carpet. With loans of Access Bank, Ms. Aliyeva has been able to purchase the needed materials and also repair her loom. This has led to an increase in salary for the women working for her, these positions being some of the only positions available to women in her town.