Our Responsibility

AccessGroup KPIs at end Q4/2017
Total assets
EUR 453m
Gross loan portfolio
EUR 333m
No. of active borrowers
Total deposits
EUR 134m
No. of deposit accounts
No. of staff
No. of branches



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Sustainable HRM

AccessHolding is convinced that the key to any successful organization is motivated and satisfied employees that strive for excellence. Therefore we apply the following HR policies across the network to safeguard the wellbeing and satisfaction of our staff:


  • Clear job descriptions and open communication channels;
  • Employee-friendly working conditions and a variety of motivational schemes such as additional insurance packages, team building days, sports events, and others; 
  • Employment opportunities for recent graduates – giving young, inexperienced talents the opportunity to have a full-scale job entry and develop their potentials;
  • Highly transparent, merit and performance based internal promotion policies, with many vertical and lateral development opportunities in all departments, and a relatively fast transfer of responsibilities;
  • Employment of long-term staff with tailored career development through classroom training, training on the job, and support from colleagues;
  • Performance-oriented pay packages;
  • Promotion of equal opportunities.