Our Responsibility

Access Network KPIs at end 2015
Total assets

EUR 1.2bn

Gross loan portfolio

EUR 923.5m

No. of active borrowers


PAR (>30 days)


Total  Deposits

EUR 324.6m

No. of deposit accounts


No. of staff


No. of branches




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Social and Environmental Standards

Living up to Social and environmental standards is of high moral importance to AccessHolding. We have developed our own Social and Environmental Management System (SEMS) to ensure social and environmental responsibility throughout the network. The SEMS is based on a core social and environmental policy and provides individual AccessBanks with a set of core procedures and guidelines. These Social and Environmental Performance Standards (SEPS) that AccessHolding seeks to implement in all AccessBanks follow the International Finance Corporation (IFC)’s Microfinance Exclusion List that forbids investments in potentially hazardous projects.

To find out more about the IFC Exclusion List, please click here.

In addition, AccessHolding follows the CDC Investment Code that sets out general guidelines for ethical investment practices. It requires responsible business management of environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) matters and also features an Exclusion List, which specifies businesses and activities in which CDC (and thereby AccessHolding) will not invest. For more detailed information on the CDC investment code please visit CDC's website.


In day to day business operations, AccessHolding is committed to a responsible use of office supplies and other scarce resources such as water and energy.