Our Responsibility

AccessGroup KPIs at end Q4/2017
Total assets
EUR 453m
Gross loan portfolio
EUR 333m
No. of active borrowers
Total deposits
EUR 134m
No. of deposit accounts
No. of staff
No. of branches



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The SMART Campaign

Access Holding is a convinced follower and endorser of the Smart campaign. All banks in the AccessHolding network actively support the Smart Campaign. The Smart Campaign is a global effort to unite microfinance leaders around a common goal: to keep clients as the driving force of the industry. A certification program is in progress.


Smart Microfinance encompasses the following core Client Protection Principles to help microfinance institutions practice good ethics and smart business:


  • Appropriate product design and delivery
  • Prevention of over-indebtedness
  • Transparency
  • Responsible pricing
  • Fair and respectful treatment of clients
  • Privacy of client data
  • Mechanisms for complaint resolution

AccessHolding has translated these principles into a detailed Customer Protection Policy which is effective in all banks of the network. By bringing customer protection to policy level the topic enters the audit plan of the banks. Thus practices are under regular review and constantly improved.


Furthermore, in order to demonstrate the importance attributed to responsible lending and client protection, Access Bank Azerbaijan has already been audited by SMART committee with the reassuring result of being extraordinarily good at avoiding over-indebtedness compared to industry standards.



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