Our Responsibility

AccessGroup KPIs at end Q4/2017
Total assets
EUR 453m
Gross loan portfolio
EUR 333m
No. of active borrowers
Total deposits
EUR 134m
No. of deposit accounts
No. of staff
No. of branches



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Internal Guidelines

The commercialization of microfinance is increasingly accompanied by the risk that some players in the market are seeking short-term profit on dispense of the customer. The latter is more and more threatened by over-indebtedness and other immoral/unethical practices. Therefore Access Holding is stressing its dedication to responsible finance.

It is at the core of Access Holding’s CSR philosophy to make a contribution towards a sustainable development of the microfinance industry worldwide. Consequently protecting the client by lending in a responsible fashion is one of our key principles.

The following guidelines have been formulated on this behalf and are of foremost importance not only on the holding level but for each individual bank. In order to avoid over-indebtedness and protect our clients we are:


  • building a long-term relationship with our clients;
  • conducting a thorough and integral analysis of payment capacity which also includes for example the respect of family related payment obligations;
  • making sure installments represent only a limited component of the borrower’s monthly ‘free cash flow’;
  • guaranteeing that loans are not conditional on the client depositing money in the bank.

To learn more about our internal guidelines, please have a look at our Focus Note on Client Protection.