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AccessGroup KPIs at end Q4/2017
Total assets
EUR 453m
Gross loan portfolio
EUR 333m
No. of active borrowers
Total deposits
EUR 134m
No. of deposit accounts
No. of staff
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Community Development

Each AccessBank has its individual way of translating the corporate principles. Besides working hard on their profitability, the following examples show that each bank in the network is committed to being a good corporate citizen.

  • AccessBank in Azerbaijan: Building Inclusive Communities

          AccessBank Azerbaijan plays an important role not only in the economic development of local communities across the country. AccessBank also supports, sponsors and encourages staff to become involved in charitable and community projects that both benefit and promote the evolution of inclusive local communities. Examples of such projects in 2010 included: sponsoring the Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) summer camp for schoolgirls from the regions of Azerbaijan, with participation of an AccessBank female manager; distribution of food to needy families for the holidays by Bank staff; regular visits by staff to various homes for orphans, disabled, pensioners and veterans to distribute goods, and provide entertainment and company; sponsorship and judging of the Azerbaijani portion of the ‘Writing Olympics’, an international English language writing competition; sponsorship of the ‘Seeing in Color’ art exhibition and workshop for young Azeri artists organized by the British Council; financing and printing of a handbook for doctors, caregivers and relatives of people with Down’s syndrome; as well as many more. Besides from having a strong focus on community development, ABA is also the only bank in Azerbaijan to subscribe to the United Nations Global Compact.

  • AccèsBanqueMadagascar: Towards a cleaner environment

    AccèsBanque Madagascar is very conscious about its social responsibility and has defined a core focus area for its engagement. It wants to make a contribution to providing a healthy and clean environment to the population of the island and therefore participates in the clean up of the areas it is active in. As such AccèsBanque has recently donated a cleansing kit to approximately 40 fokontany (traditional Malagasy villages). Each kit contained a combination of boots, wheelbarrows, blades and grates. In the first phase of this environmental offense only fokontanys situated close to an AccèsBanque branch have received cleansing kits whereas an estimated population of 80,000 people could benefit from the project. From 2012 on, AccèsBanque Madagascar is going to enlarge its focus and will reach out to even more villages. In addition to this environmental initiative AccèsBanque also invests in the area of education. As such, at the beginning of the last school year, a large number of school kits containing exercise books have been distributed to over 40 public primary schools. 30,000 pupils were reached by this initiative. For more information please visit AccèsBanque Madagascar's website.

  • AccessBank Liberia: Empowering children in the community

    Through a number of measures AccessBank Liberia strives to emphasize the special importance of children to their communities. On this behalf, it organizes and sponsors a number of events that target children directly such as the following:

    • A drawing competition was organized and carried out by AccessBank staff at  the head office. 15 school kids came from 12 different schools to draw what they think about a bank and explain their drawings. The winners got prizes and were featured in AccessBank Liberia’s 2011 calendar. All the kids were given a tour of the bank's facilities by members of staff, showing them how banking works. This was done against the background to educate Liberian kids about the importance of banking.
    • A football tournament was hosted for around 200 school kids whose schools are banking with AccessBank Liberia. The event was coordinated by 10 members of staff that played the roles of referee, lines men and match commissioners. Winners were given prizes and were encouraged to take their education seriously. AccessBank Liberia aims to discourage kids in the community from early school dropout.
    • Mother Wleh's Orphanage consists of 46 children desperately in need of help; it was visited by AccessBank staff on Christmas. Kids were given Christmas presents like toys and clothes. The orphanage was given detergents and disinfectants, beddings and food for the children.
  • AccessBankTanzania: Children dental care campaign

    Access Bank Tanzania sponsored the launch of a campaign focusing on children dental care. It was held in Dar es Salaam on the grounds of a local school. The event which was sponsored by AccessBank and two others was attended by more than five other schools. It reached a significant audience of 500 students and their teachers. The campaign focused on convincing children to brush their teeth on a regular basis to avoid all kinds of dental diseases. In her speech Miss Janeth, manager for Marketing and Public Relations at AccessBank, advised the children to take good care of their teeth if they want to pursue a successful career in marketing or teaching. Mr. Kalabu, the chairman of the forum thanked the AccessBank for its sponsorship. The campaign is to be continued and more similar campaigns across different schools in Tanzania will be sponsored.