Our Network

Access Network KPIs December, 2014

Total assets

EUR 1.5bn

Gross loan portfolio

EUR 1.2bn

No. of active borrowers


PAR (>30 days)


Total  Deposits

EUR 478.6m

No. of deposit accounts

1.1 million

No. of staff


No. of branches



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The AccessBank Network

The Access Network currently comprises ten financial institutions (banks and MFIs). The youngest member of the Network opened its doors in December 2013 in Rwanda, and its newest member is a Brazilian MFI, which was acquired by AccessHolding in January 2015. Geographically most institutions are located in Sub-Saharan Africa, but the Southern Caucasus, Central Asia and South America have also attracted our investment. Further banks and MFIs in different world regions are currently in the planning stage.
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